test ping, traceroute and check for open ports
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Ping Test any IP Address, Trace IP AND Check for open ports


Launch a simple test to check for open ports. This will port scan your IP address.

* Note that you must have permission to scan your IP (if you are at home you can give yourself permission but if you use a proxy or are at work you should check with the IT department.
More advanced port scanning is available at HackerTarget.com

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Port Check Details

This open ports test allows you to perform a limited port scan on your external IP address. This will show if any ports are open / closed or firewalled.

The ports tested include ports 21 (ftp), 22 (ssh), 25 (smtp), 80 (http), 443 (https) and 445 (windows sharing).

If you find unexpected open ports you should check whatver firewall you are using:
* Local Firewall (examples include Windows Firewall, Zone Alarm or Comodo)
* ADSL Router (such as DLINK, Netgear, Billion, Linksys, Netcomm) you may need to check your NAT rules, port forwarding or firewall settings.
* Corporate Firewall (cisco pix, asa, checkpoint are common examples)
* If your a geeky beared type you may have a Linux box doing your firewalling. In that case check that box (Ubuntu, Smoothwall, IPCop, Astaro or something similar).

As mentioned above if you are after a more advanced port scanner with the ability to check open ports on any IP address that you have permission to head over to the online scans at HackerTarget.com